Analysis Areas Computing Science covers an extremely wide selection of subjects.

Analysis Areas Computing Science covers an extremely wide selection of subjects.

These research areas are extremely broad groups aimed at pointing you in a basic way according to your passions. Due to the nature that is interdisciplinary of, quite a few research teams will come under one or more research area. Find out more about some of

division’s key research areas below:

  • Advanced Man-Machine Interfaces
  • Algorithmics
  • Artificial Cleverness
  • Bioinformatics
  • Communication Sites


  • On-line Games
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Vision and Multimedia Communications
  • Database Techniques
  • Device Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Robotics
  • Computer Computer Software Engineering
  • Computer Software Techniques

Advanced Man-Machine Interfaces

Advanced man-machine interfaces research investigates interactions between people and devices in natural and environments that are artificial.

Appropriate research stories

  • News: Building smarter computer systems and maximizing human ability
  • Information: Building brilliant computer systems, utilising the brain that is human
  • Analysis Profile: Virtualized Reality
  • Pupil Profile: Niousha Bolandzadeh


Algorithmics research identifies issues, categorizes the difficulty in accordance with its complexity and pursuit of a simple yet effective algorithm.

Appropriate research stories

  • News: Brand Brand Brand New associate professor’s research merges computing science and game theory
  • Information: utilizing AI to locate ancient secrets

Synthetic Cleverness

Synthetic cleverness research involves both basic and used research, resulting in the growth of computational theories of cleverness.

Appropriate research stories

  • News: making use of AI to greatly help manage Canada’s invasive types
  • News: making use of AI to guard older people
  • Research Profile: Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing
  • Pupil Profile: Adam Metcalf


Bioinformatics research involves the effective use of computing science ways to re solve issues in biological and science that is medical.

Appropriate research stories

  • Information: Unlocking molecular secrets with nano-scale measurements
  • Information: Diagnosing, detecting, and predicting conditions simply got six million times easier
  • Analysis Profile: HIV Research

Correspondence Companies

Correspondence systems research is targeted on data interaction.

Appropriate research stories

  • Information: analysis brings smart towns and cities technology nearer to truth
  • News: computers climate change that is combatting
  • Analysis Profile: Cluster-Based Routers

Video Games

Video games research produces high-performance, real-time programs for strategic game-playing.

Appropriate research stories

  • Information: Life skills for the century that is 21st
  • Information: going beyond smart assistants?

Computer Graphics

Computer graphics research varies from research of algorithm complexity to your design and execution of systems for algorithms.

Appropriate research stories

  • Information: Brand New technology lets clinicians see an individual’s human anatomy in movement
  • Information: virtual trainer that is personal seniors have more workout in the home

Computer Vision and Multimedia Communications

Computer eyesight and multimedia communications research includes 3D multimedia representations for efficient online visualization.

Appropriate research stories

  • News: Augmented truth system allows physicians see under clients’ epidermis with no scalpel
  • Information: Revolutionary information software bubbles over with success
  • Research Profile: On Line Multimedia Education

Database Techniques

Database systems research includes the storage and organization of information, information retrieval, and information administration.

Appropriate research stories

  • Information: planet’s quickest supercomputer contains UAlberta technology
  • News: Bringing innovation to industry: making use of AI for predicting catastrophes
  • Analysis Profile: Wireless Sensors

Device Learning

Device provides that are learning and technologies for finding significant habits in information. It really is most suitable in information processing circumstances where training data (such as for example a database of instance studies) is present which is hard (or perhaps not affordable) to ”engineer in” the perfect solution is.

Graduate pupils can also be thinking about a graduate specialization in Statistical device Learning (a joint system with Mathematics and analytical Sciences).

Appropriate research stories

  • Information: xmas comes early for UAlberta Computing Science
  • News: Machine learning experts recognized for focus on prostate cancer tumors therapy
  • Research Profile: Mind Tumor Research Venture

Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement learning research appears to get rid of a few of the limits on its widespread application and develop a style of cleverness that may approach peoples abilities.

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