Your Paper, The Right Path. Every thing should really be made as facile as it is possible, yet not easier.

Your Paper, The Right Path. Every thing should really be made as facile as it is possible, yet not easier.

– Caused By Albert Einstein


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A recurring plea from scientists is actually to simplify the entire process of planning and publishing documents. With every log having various technical and formatting needs and numerous documents being submitted over and over again before publication, writers think it is onerous to possess to spend valuable time re-formatting in place of engaging utilizing the more effective facets of research. In reality, almost one in three scientists suggested “preparing manuscripts” when asked what work tasks they discovered many irritating or time intensive, in a study completed by Elsevier’s analysis and Academic Relations department in 2012.

Utilizing the purpose of making the submission procedure simpler, the Elsevier log, complimentary revolutionary Biology and Medicine launched Your Paper, Your Way (YPYW) last year. YPYW is a less strenuous distribution procedure, concentrating on the grade of the technology within the initial phases of distribution and just elements that are requiring for ultimate manufacturing during the modification phase. If documents are refused, this easier distribution procedure saves writers effort and time and in addition, might help them achieve quicker book rates.

YPYW has been extended to a huge selection of Elsevier journals. Every log that provides YPYW demonstrably suggests this at the start of its guide for writers, the following:

” We currently differentiate between your demands for brand new and submissions that are revised. You could elect to submit your manuscript as being A word that is single or file to be utilized when you look at the refereeing procedure. Only if your paper has reached the modification phase, are you required to place your paper into a ’correct structure’ for acceptance and supply those items necessary for the book of one’s article.”

Your Paper, The Right Path needs

  • Authors may submit their manuscript (text, numbers and tables) as a solitary file. This is often A term or PDF file, in almost any structure or design, and numbers and tables may be put inside the text.
  • Numbers should really be of high sufficient quality for refereeing.
  • There are not any strict formatting demands but all manuscripts must retain the crucial elements needed seriously to evaluate a manuscript (Abstract, keyword phrases, Introduction, components & techniques, Results, Conclusions, Artwork and Tables with Captions).
  • Sources could be in almost any style or format, as long because the style is consistent. Author(s) name(s), journal title/book name, article name (where necessary), 12 months of book, amount & problem /book chapter and also the pagination must certanly be current. Utilization of DOI is very encouraged. The guide design utilized by the log shall be employed towards the accepted article by Elsevier at the evidence phase.
  • Whenever the revision is reached by a paper phase, writers is likely to be required to provide any things that are nevertheless needed for book, for instance editable source files.

Reactions to YPYW

YPYW happens to be favorably gotten by writers. In a study delivered by Elsevier’s analysis and Academic Relations department to writers that has chosen YPYW whenever submitting their manuscript, associated with 3,958 writers surveyed, 70% responded absolutely whenever asked, ”Did Your Paper, the right path lower the period of time it often takes to format and submit the manuscript?” Remarks received from surveyed writers included:

essay writer. time-consuming work that is formatting maybe perhaps not undertaken needlessly.

I did not need certainly to spend time with formatting before being certain concerning the acceptance.

It absolutely was easier and faster than [the] traditional one. I believe it really is a way that is good speed the method.

92% of writers surveyed found YPYW effortless or acutely simple, when compared with 61per cent of writers whom utilized the conventional procedure.

To judge the effect on reviewers, 870 responses from Elsevier’s current Reviewer Feedback Programme (RFP) were analyzed, of which 346 associated with a YPYW submission. There have been no differences that are significant reviewer satisfaction. Some reviewers have actually complimented the noticeable modification given that it makes their life better to check out the numbers and tables in the text, instead of by the end for the manuscript as it is typically needed.

Further reading

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”Your Paper, your path and also the reviewing procedure”, Catriona Fennell, Rebecca Barrie

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